About this site

why did i create it?

We mainly created this site as a service to the community. We are very passionate about computer science and cybersecurity, and combining our skills in artificial intelligence, web development, and open source intelligence, we created BreachDirectory.org. We constantly receive emails from people telling us about how We've saved them or how helpful this site has been to them and that is the true reward.

How does this site work?

Although there are many other sites that allow people to check if they have been exposed in a data breach for free, what makes BreachDirectory.org different is that it is always up-to-date. Since data acquisition and indexing is done through AI instead of manually, it happens much faster and new data breaches are identified faster than any human can possibly achieve. 


Rohan Patra


I am a college student currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the United States. I'm interested in computer science, machine learning, cybersecurity, and networking/engineering.